Can a chair help create a healthy, more productive and fun work place?  



Sitting in the wrong posture is the major reason for  musculoskeletal disorders for people working in an office.


Using the RealThingks help you set up the chair such that is suits you.

We all know the problem, we sit down, think about the posture start working and then we forget about the posture.

This is a normal behaviour and is a major health risk.

A chair must be used in the right way where you actually shall sit correctly throughout the day.


RealThingks posture monitoring is designed to help you solve this problem.

Sitting for too long without taking regular brakes creates some serious health risks and can lead to a shorter life expectancy.


The RealThingks Activity assist was invented to help you  with this problem.

We created a range of chair control products to meet different feature needs, provide a retro fit solution. and to enable a product line strategy with a single user interface. 

Chair Control Product Line.png

You will find more details about the RealThingks cahir control in the data sheet.