It is obvious that people work more efficiently, have more fun and are less sick if the ambient environment in the office is comfortable.

The RealThingks comfort assist helps you get the data you need to improve the ambient environment in your office!

Using the RealThingks comfort assist will give you all the relevant data from each work place in realtime. You will be able to understand the situation at each individual work place and by combining the data from all work places you will  be able to understand the situation in the complete office.

RealThingks comfort assist is the first step in a scientific approach to improve the surrounding environment in the office.

Profiling the environment of an individual work place over a few months may look something like this.

Combining the temperature data for a complete office floor looks like this.

Profiling the temperature for one workplace over a day.

just imagine what you could do with all relevant data available in an understandable way.

That is the power of there RealThingks comfort assist.

This is just the beginning.