RealThingks provides products that makes the office more healthy, efficient and fun!

“Sitting is the new smoking” - In 2014 in Germany alone 125,8 million days of work are lost due to musculoskeletal disorders totalling 20,8 billion euros loss of value creation. Our solution reduces this with up to 70%.

Reduce sick days with up to 16%

Office space and equipment optimisation potential of 50%

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Personal settings  of, table height, personal activity program, personal control of the ambient environment

 and much more.

An app. for the personalization of the office environment

Helps with the right posture and an active office day. Assist with the personal office chair settings. 




How will the workplace of tomorrow look?

We are convinced that it is full of features tailored to the need of each individual. The technology needed to create those features is what we call IoT (Internet of Things). 

We connected the chair with the table and created better and more personalised features by exchanging data between the different pieces of furniture.


If you increase the height of your chair, the table will automatically be adjusted to fit the height of the chair.

We are convinced that this is just the beginning. Can you imagine further features? We can.