Creates a healthy, more productive and fun work place?

   We added a few sensors, created a scalable hardware and invented a number of features in software to make your working day more healthy, more productive and more fun.

Wrong posture while sitting or standing is the largest reason for absence days among people working in an office.

Set-up assist ensures  your ergonomically correct usage of the office furniture.

Regular position changes drastically improves your health. 

Taking regular brakes is essential for productivity.

Activity assist is designed to help you with small actions that have a great impact. 

Safety in the office is the top priority. With the RealThingks crush and collision detection function the table senses any sudden impact (Collision) or an slow impact (Crush) and stops its movement automatically.

The ability to detect both crush and collision is unique to RealThingks and improves the safety and usability of the table.

We created a range of table control products to meet different feature needs, provide a retro fit solution and to enable a product line strategy with a single user interface for different table columns. 

Table Control Product line.png

You will find more details about the RealThingks table control in the data sheet.