We provide AUTOSAR solutions that bridge the gap between off-the-shelf platforms and market-ready products

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AUTOSAR Solutions

RealThingks is a development partner of the AUTOSAR consortium and its team of experts have been involved with the definition & evolution of the standard since its earliest days.

RealThingks offers its customers a strong AUTOSAR expertise and a unique methodology to provide solutions across a range of areas. The team brings extensive experience with single- & multi-core automotive ECUs of single or mixed criticalities in terms of safety requirements.


Off-the-shelf offerings such as AUTOSAR stacks, MCAL packages, bootloaders, etc. need tailoring and adaption to fit the needs of specific ECUs. AUTOSAR layers and services that require configuration include:

  • Communication
    Vehicle network systems, ECU onboard communication systems and ECU internal SW
  • Memory
    Standardized access to internal/external memory (non-volatile memory)
  • Input/Output (I/O)
    Standardized access to sensors, actuators, and ECU onboard peripherals
  • Diagnostics
    Error management, diagnostic services, and communication to external diagnostic tools
  • System services
    Operating systems, state management, watchdog management, libraries
  • MCAL Driver configurations:
  • Bootloader:
    Boot manager, Flash bootloader and bootloader updater configuration
Integration & Testing

ECUs often have AUTOSAR software components developed by multiple vendors or internal teams. Integration is an important step where all software components are put together to work as a coherent product to fulfil ECU functionality requirements and the complete AUTOSAR RTE module is generated.

The next critical step is System Testing where the platform is tested end-to-end to ensure that all platform functionality needed by the ECU application SWCs is implemented and all the components are correctly integrated. As part of this, automated white-box testing is essential where each individual element such as communication signal, diagnostic event, non-volatile memory port, etc. is validated.

Here, RealThingks leverages its own proprietary automation framework called RAFT which has pre-tested OEM-specific test suites for stacks such as network management, diagnostics etc. This results in not only a shortened testing timeline but a higher probability of passing final OEM acceptance testing with minimum iterations.


Advisory and consulting services backed by decades of industry experience for best practices in the areas of:

  • Platform software and re-use strategy
    RealThingks SDK model provides a long-term platform for large scale development programs which would otherwise succumb to the inherent complexity of the wide variety of software and hardware variants in automotive
  • Migration to AUTOSAR 
    Efficient migration of non-AUTOSAR systems to AUTOSAR compliant systems including cases where a change in microcontroller or BSW vendor is required
  • Component selection
    Evaluation of commercially available AUTOSAR stacks along with selection of suitable microcontrollers that would be best-fit for the project
  • Functional Safety
    Software architecture, design and implementation as per the best practices implentation of the ISO26262 standard
  • Hardware and software optimization
    ECU performance optimization in terms of runtime CPU consumption and memory footprint

RealThingks provides services to develop bespoke CDDs or application SWC for highly specific purposes.

The team has deep expertise in the custom development of embedded automotive software, especially in software development for safe code. Safe and reliable software is developed by adhering to safety guidelines like MISRA C and following compliance processes like ASPICE and ISO26262.

The development process at RealThingks is agile and can be easily molded to fit in with existing processes and toolchains used by OEMs and Tier-1s.